We offer two avenues for leadership development, designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s church planter.

Church Planting Residency

Our Church Planting Residency is a full-time, 12-month immersion experience at Hope Church in Las Vegas, NV. Over the course of our program, the Hope Church Leadership Team will share what we’ve learned about planting a healthy, Kingdom-minded, multiplying church. We will seek to provide insight on a wide array of topics through multiple avenues of development.

Primary Avenues of Development

Each Resident will be required to participate in the following training:

Residency Labs

Each Residency Lab will provide a comprehensive learning environment with a ministry leader who has direct oversight in one of the specified areas below. In total, each church planter will participate in twelve labs during the program:

  1. Executive Leadership
  2. Small Groups
  3. Family Ministries
  4. Hope Creative
  5. Cross-Cultural Mobilization
  6. Ministry Services
  7. Stewardship
  8. Leadership Development
  9. Preaching
  10. Assimilation
  11. Team Leadership Structure
  12. Partnership Development

Residency Assignments

Each Resident will receive ongoing assignments. Those responsibilities include:

  1. Start and lead a small group
  2. Serve with our staff to accomplish ongoing tasks and/or projects
  3. Participate in at least one Go Time Opportunity*
  4. Participate in the following team meetings: Strategic Team, Stewardship Team, Ministry Team, Teaching Team**
  5. Complete our six-week Leadership Training Course called Shepherd Training
  6. Participate in our annual Strategic Planning Process
  7. Schedule visits to learn from and observe other church plants in the West

Church Planting Cohort

The Church Planting Cohort is an opportunity for church planters to gain a modified “residency” experience by participating in a 9-month collaborative training group. Cohort participants will travel to Las Vegas, NV for two separate church planting workshop weekends. During these workshops, planters receive an accelerated version of the same Residency Labs provided during the Church Planting Residency. When not engaged in a workshop weekend, church planting cohorts connect through a series of monthly leadership coaching calls and other development training remotely from their home cities.

* Go Time is a strategy of Hope Church that represents time spent (approximately 7 days) annually going on mission locally and globally.

**The schedule for participation in these meetings will be assigned by the Senior Executive Pastor

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